May 20, 2013

Barbour talks UNC and spread offenses

While the tall, big and physical receiver will never go the way of the dodo bird, the stigma that was often associated with quicker, shiftier but ultimately smaller and often overlooked shorter receiver is almost extinct.

As coaches have gotten smarter and figured out creative and innovative ways to utilize talent, the spread offense has allowed receivers of all sizes to flourish on college football fields across the nation.

This was readily apparent to anyone that has watched the trends developing in the NFL.
Wes Welker became one of the most prolific receivers of the modern NFL, quickly becoming Tom Brady's favorite target and a key contributor to a perennial NFL title contender. In addition to Welker, former West Virginia star, Tavon Austin, was the first receiver taken off the board in this year's NLF Draft.

Jaylan Barbour is a prototype for the modern spread offense utilized by a good majority of college football.

He says that four teams, all card carrying members of said offense, have stuck out the most as he's gone through his recruiting process.

Those schools are Duke, West Virginia, North Carolina State and North Carolina.

"Actually when West Virginia offered me, that's who they were comparing me to. They were talking about the different things they did with him, they would do with me," said Barbour. "Duke was talking about it too a little bit. They didn't actually mention his (Tavon Austin) name but they want to get me the ball quick so I can make plays."

Any school that is hoping to nab Barbour has to understand the mentality he's going to bring to the football field.

Mainly, he wants the ball early and often so that he can make plays in the open field.

"Basically it's about their offenses. Those schools, they really like to throw the ball, get it to their receivers, let them make the defenders miss and make plays. I basically fit in with those offenses," said Barbour. "It doesn't really matter. But I prefer (playing) inside. You get a those jet sweeps and most of the time you have linebackers guarding you so it's a lot easier. But it doesn't matter that much to me."

Barbour will be looking to visit all of the schools mentioned in his top four in the very near future. Along with getting his hands on the ball, Barbour is looking to score a great education.

"I want to get a great education. That's first and foremost. But also the coaching staffs. Is the program good enough, that's basically how I'm going make my decision," said Barbour.

In the immediate future, Barbour has his sights set on something that thousands of North Carolina football players will be attempting to obtain.

"Try to get my team to a state championship and try to win it. That's basically it."

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