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Brad Scott goes on the record

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One of Clemson's long-time assistants, high profile Brad Scott, made headlines last month when his former employer, arch-rival South Carolina and newly hired head coach Steve Spurrier extended an offer in hopes of bringing the Arcadia, Fla. native back to Columbia.
Scott did not bolt for his old employer, and in fact reaffirmed his commitment to Clemson and long-time friend, head coach Tommy Bowden. In the process, Bowden gave the offensive line coach a hefty pay raise, and a multi-year deal, along with running backs coach Burton Burns who also was offered a position on the South Carolina staff.
Sunday afternoon, while making preparations to leave for the coaching convention in Louisville, KY, Scott spoke with Tigerillustrated.com about the latest turn of events which have some reports linking him as having discussions with N.C. State.
"I almost laughed when I heard that my name was out there as having talks with N.C. State," said Scott on Sunday afternoon. "The fact is, I have not been contacted by N.C. State. There has been no contact. I want to assure you of that. And I also would like to say that if there were to be contact, I would not be interested. I am not a candidate for any position on the N.C. State staff or any other staff for that matter."
Scott, one of the Clemson staff's top recruiters, will spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the coaching convention in Louisville. Already in Louisville is Clemson linebackers coach and recruiting coordinator David Blackwell. It is possible one or two more Clemson assistants could make their way to the convention no later than tomorrow afternoon.
"Right now I want to make it clear that I am very committed to Tommy and Clemson, and Tommy and Clemson are very committed to me. That's just the way it is, and it's the way I expect it to be for the rest of our tenure here at Clemson," offered Scott. "I have no interest to coach at N.C. State or any other school that my name has been associated with in the media. I'm 100 percent committed to Clemson, and I think that needs to be said."
Scott is recruiting two of the state's top 10 prospects in Camden offensive lineman Thomas Austin (6-4, 286) and Mike Davis (5-10, 210) of Columbia, the state's top qualifying running back.
Austin has already committed to Clemson. Davis has Clemson as his slight leader heading into his official visit weekend of January 14th.
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